As the work of the St. John’s Society goes from strength to strength, we felt it was time to refresh our identity to something that felt more in tune with our current aims and core values.  The ‘duck pond’ logo has been in use since the Society’s inception in 1998, when the group was originally formed to save the Brookmill Park pond from being filled in.

The new logo was designed in-house by members of the committee with help and contribution from local artist Alma Tischlerwood.  The design blends the historic painted street signs found throughout the Brookmill Road Conservation Area with Alma’s geometric multi-coloured pattern of the railway bridge mural on St. John’s Vale.  It pays respect to heritage elements of the locale whilst acknowledging new interventions, such as the murals that have quickly become an instantly recognisable part of this area in which we live.  The geometric shapes convey a positive spirit of diversity and optimism, values which we share and strive to achieve in our activities.

The pattern has previously featured on St. John’s Society posters and publications and we are so grateful to Alma for allowing us to incorporate it into our new emblem.

We hope you like it, and are looking forward to sharing more news of our work soon!