About The St. John’s Society

The St. John’s Society was formed in 1997 to fight to prevent the removal of the Duckpond in Brookmill Park and it is in this spirit that its members (residents, those working in the St. John’s area, or others with an interest in the area and/or its architectural qualities) continue to press for further improvements to the wellbeing of the residents, the amenity of the area and the built environment of its conservation areas: The Brookmill Road Conservation Area and the St. John’s Conservation Area.

Maps of the area

The following maps are of the Brookmill Road Conservation Area and the St Johns Conservation Areas both of which the St John’s Society have been representing and commenting on planning matters arising since they were subject to a Article 4 direction in 1998.

St Johns Conservation Area Map
Brookmill Road Conservation Area Map

 What we do

The St. John’s Society – a residents’ association covering the area of Lewisham that used to be called Deptford New Town – was founded in 1997, originally to fight a proposal from the Borough to concrete-over the duck pond in Brookmill Park. It is supported by a small committee, representing virtually many streets radiating out from St. John’s station, and of people from a diversity of occupations – with all manner of outside interests. We all have in common a commitment to improving our environment, and believe that our corner of south-east London is a very fine place to live. Things we do include liaising with Lewisham Borough Council, our elected council representatives and Member of Parliament; promoting enhancements to our built environment (tell us if you have concerns about trees; pavements or the quality of road surfaces); organizing events from an annual ‘picnic in the park’ to a carol service in St. John’s church, and promoting the St. John’s area as a distinct community.

 The Committee

Chairman – Litsa Breingan
Secretary – Gordon Breingan
Treasurerpost vacant

Committee Members:
Environment John Wood, Claire Hallam and Paul Middleton
Planning – Nick Blomstrand and Anastasia Saward
Transport– Syd Bolton
Social Media – Rosie Garthwaite

NCVO Member
Culture Declares Emergency
Culture Declares Emergency

The Constitution

The copy of the current constitution dated 18th May 2020 is here.

The previous constitution covering 1998 – 2020 is here.

Committee Meetings

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7th February 2022

10th February 2020

10th November 2019

Chair’s Report

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Chair’s Report 2022-2023

Chair’s Report 2021-2022

Chair’s Report 2020-2021

Chair’s Report 2019-2020