Hello neighbour!

As someone who lives in this area you are an automatic part of The St Johns Society. Lucky you!

Open to anyone (from the age of 14 upwards) we get together every few months to work out ways to make our area better, easier, more beautiful, safer, more ecological & also fun for us all.

Once a year we get together at the pub to talk about what happened last year and what we want to focus on this year.

This year that annual meeting will be on Zoom and we really hope you will join. 

What do you want us to focus on this year?

What do you want for the St Johns area or people? …for us, The St Johns Society, to do for or with you in 2021?

Will you join our annual meeting and let us know? 

Put it in your diary…

St Johns Society Annual General Meeting

8th February 8-9pm

Use the number 99945025296 on Zoom or use this link https://bbc.zoom.us/j/99945025296

To find out more about St Johns Society check out:

Our website https://st-johns-soc.org/

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