The St. John’s Society provided support for a successful crowdfunding by St John’s residents, of £1,050, to plant three new street trees on Albyn Road: one to replace the beautiful old cherry tree on the corner of Albyn Road and St John’s Vale that was felled by the storm in February this year; one to replace a tree cut down by the council last year, and a new tree to go on the corner of Albyn Road and Lind Street.  The contractors have begun the process by digging the tree pits ready for the new trees next year.
The species that will be planted are: an Acer ginnala (Amur Maple), a Magnolia denudata (Magnolia Yellow River), and a Cercis siliquastrum (Love Tree / Judas Tree) – which together should provide a breadth of colour and beauty each year from early Spring through Autumn.
The trees will be planted by Lewisham-based charity Street Trees for Living (STfL) this coming February/March, and each will be watered and cared for by a Tree Waterer volunteer St John’s resident.
While planting of new street trees in Lewisham relies heavily on private funding by residents, SJS will also be looking for opportunities to secure external grant funding. Please do get in touch with SJS if you know of any potential such funding sources, to suggest locations for new trees, and/or to let us know if you’d be keen to be a volunteer Tree Waterer for the many new trees we want to support in St John’s in the coming years.
We are in the process of mapping the trees within St. John’s.  The three new trees are marked in green below.