“We will protect this place we love – a call to action against climate change”

TRASHYHAPPTTIMES lewisham people's day 2022

This year’s Lewisham People’s Day will showcase a unique mix of art, music, and food from all over the world. Two St Johns artists – Alma Tischlerwood and Claire Hallam – will run their TRASHY HAPPY TIMES event. This will take place in the Climate Conversation area. At midday an intergenerational team of volunteers will be challenged to take a heap of 100% waste materials and transform it into a giant sculpture by 4.30pm. .

TRASHY HAPPY TIMES is designed to raise awareness about issues such as climate emergency, recycling and upcycling. Many residents are still unsure about how to dispose of their rubbish. What happens to the stuff we send to landfill? How many of us fully understand the labels on our bins? In an ideal world we will have a ‘circular economy’ in which everything we discard is passed on, re-used, or welcomed as food by other creatures.

THIS IS NOT THE END! Further TRASHY HAPPY TIMES workshops will take place until autumn. It caters for all ages, including families and older people, as well as local schools and colleges. We will work in close consultation with local residents and develop one of our SJS monthly ‘litter picking’ sessions into a choreography with music – Watch this space !

St John’s Society invites you to Lewisham People’s Day

Date: Saturday 16 July

Time: 12 – 4:30 pm

Take part in a project led by local artists to help make a giant sculpture using everyday rubbish

All ages welcome

Children can make mini sculptures to take home!

Project funded by Lewisham Council through the St Johns Society and delivered by Lewisham Arthouse


chair@st-johns-soc.org    Tel: 07956 240336