The unveiling of beautifully decorated windows was begun during the pandemic (December 2021) by SJS as a way for residents to meet up safely during the lockdowns and cheer us up.  This seems to have now become a local tradition by popular request in St John’s SE8.

There are no particular rules, except:

  • Meet outside the house on the allotted day/time. (Usually 6.30pm – as advertised on SJS Social Media)
  • Resident switches on front window house light to reveal their decorated window. (Theme = Christmas)
  • Awaiting residents/visitors cheer with joy and admire the creative mastery of the household’s window.

What follows depends entirely on the household, the visitors, and the weather.  Local musicians sometimes attend (recorder, accordion, melodica, tambourine are past examples) and Christmas Carols and songs are sung by all. Sometimes mince pies and other sweets are shared with a glass of mulled wine and other drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic).  If it is too cold, or it rains, the event can be over in 2 minutes.  However, due to the warm weather we recently had, festivities and chatting in the street has continued to well over an hour, on some days.

Another successful St John’s Society Advent Window Trail which is now in its third year, and this year saw three households join forces (22nd December, Lind St/Albyn Rd) to reveal their windows. Thank you to the residents of Lucas St, Ashmead Rd, Cranbrook Rd, St John’s Vale, Lind St, and Albyn Rd who took part.  8 windows over 6 days.

Thank you!