Following recent positive conversations regarding antisocial behaviour in Friendly Gardens with Thames 21, Glendale, local councillors, Lewisham Council and local residents, we (the St John’s Society and Friends of Friendly Gardens) think changes will slowly happen.

The park looked great today after a really good clean and tidy by Glendale.  The St. John’s Society and FoFG continue to organise regular monthly litter picks in the summer months.

A good start and example of this is the wall on corner of Friendly Gardens and Friendly St finally getting sorted.  We will let you know more as improvements happen.

A local resident has reported spotting a second electrical charging point in Albyn Road, with the first in the two conservation areas installed along Admiral Street in January 2022. Although we are delighted with the eventual but gradual roll out of this essential infrastructure, there is no clear consultation process we are aware of that defines the locations of these EV points.  It would be a perfect opportunity for new points to be installed near to existing electric vehicle owners.

More work needs to be done, but we’re seeing progress!