We are extremely excited to announce a series of events and initiatives alongside South East London Community Energy (Selce, pronounced ‘cell-see’).  Some of you might remember the excellent talk given by Nadia Smith of Selce on retrofitting homes in conservation areas at our third ‘Green Conversation’ at the Brookmill Pub in January. 

Founded by local volunteers concerned about the climate crises, Selce is a Society for Community Benefit, which is mix of a charity and a co-operative. Working in partnership across Greenwich, Lewisham, Bromley and Bexley with local organisations and councils, they help individuals, businesses and community organisations navigate the transition to sustainable energy and to make sure that no one gets left behind.

Earlier this year, the St. John’s Society and Selce applied for some funding from the London Community Energy Fund via the Mayor of London.  Using this funding, our aim is to build upon our community’s existing knowledge and develop an increasing awareness of pertinent energy issues and understanding of the fundamentals of retrofit.  Upgrading our existing housing stock is key to fighting the climate crisis and sky high energy bills.

To kick off the project, we are offering five free solar surveys provided by the solar survey advisor at Selce to the first households who email Litsa our chair at chair@st-johns-soc.org.  The offer is currently open to any homeowner living within the St John’s and Brookmill Road conservation areas.  Please email with ‘SOLAR SURVEY’ as the subject.

With an average lifespan of 20 years and an average payback period of 6-11 years, a solar array can lower energy bills for many years. Whilst a south facing roof is best for solar, an array can be completely viable on any structurally sound roof.  The survey takes roughly 45 minutes which includes a quick survey of the roof, talk about potential locations for equipment such as the inverter and possible battery and answer any questions about solar energy the homeowner might have.  A year’s worth of energy bills are needed and will be used to scale the design of the array to suit the usage.   Four options, some with batteries and some without will be presented along with a ballpark price and an idea of the financial benefits an array could offer plus advice on how to find good contactors to undertake the work.  There will also be a small discount on offer for those wishing to proceed with the installation.

We will be unveiling more events and announcements in the coming weeks.  Watch this space!!