After a sunny weekend post lockdown saw the area’s green spaces – The Brookmill Park, Friendly Gardens, St Johns Garden (behind the church) and the area around St Johns Station – festooned in an array of litter we asked the community if anyone would be interested in helping clean it up. 
And they did! Around 15 amazing humans and several little humans turned up on Saturday 17th April 2021 armed with their own litter pickers, bags and sturdy gloves and moved from one area to another cleaning up.
As luck would have it the Friends of Brookmill Park were also out that day in force doing a river clean up.  And a group from Next Door were out too.
We plan to make this a monthly event during the summer. So do let us know if there is an area you would like us to clean up. And please do join us! 

The Friends of Friendly Gardens are looking into whether we can make this a bit more formal with some council support too. Will keep you posted.