Three weeks ago today, the St. John’s Society were celebrating International Women’s Day, a day where the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women are commemorated and celebrated all around the world.  There could not be a more fitting day for the unveiling of St. John’s latest mural; an impressive and vibrant depiction of two local female heroes, Kath Duncan and Barbara Raymond. The mural was painted by Boudicca Collins as a Lewisham College of Muralism project.

It was a great honour for The St John’s Society to witness the unveiling of the new mural, in the presence of Neale Hanvey MP (Kirkcaldy, Scotland).

Kath Duncan (1888-1954) was a civil rights campaigner and schoolteacher from Kirkcaldy, Scotland, who settled in the area.  Read more about Kath in our article hereKath’s Place, named I her honour, is a charity shop, food pantry and café and a crucial advice and support hub for the local community on the corner of Albyn Road and Friendly Street.

Local legend, Barbara Raymond, activist and co-founder of ‘We Care Food Bank’ was present to unveil the mural also dedicated to her.  The food bank was originally set up by Barbara in 1976 and is widely believed to be the first of its kind in the UK.  The service that she now runs with local activist Ray Barron-Woolford went from feeding 30 households to 5,000 households every month when the pandemic struck.

Also present was Patricio Forrester, Artistic Director of Artmongers, possibly the only mural art school in the world pictured above with the mural artist Boudicca Collins.

The St. John’s Society continue to support, where we can, the amazing work that happens in ‘ We Care Food Pantry‘ in Deptford.