Following our incredibly successful ‘Green Conversations’ last year, the latest series is due to kick off tomorow evening.  Held in the upstairs in the function room at The Brookmill, we’ll begin the talks on Wednesday evenings at 8pm.  We’re incredibly excited to be partnering with SELCE, Nesta and Breathe London and hope as many local residents and interested people can join us.  We’re also very pleased to say that snacks will be provided from The Brookmill kitchen for the SELCE events.  The programme is as follows:

Wednesday 18th October, 8pm

Routes to Retrofitting with SELCE

Zana Dean of Tread Studio will be speaking about whole house retrofit, incremental retrofit, rear extension, loft conversion and some grant funded examples.  We will also look at natural and low carbon materials and suppliers- windows, insulation, airtightness and ventilation, and explain vapour open and breathable construction approaches.

Jaqueline Finn, FMTL will focus on the practical considerations of installing: external wall insulation, internal wall insulation, loft insulation, flat roof insulation and ventilation upgrades. She will also touch on building regulations and compliance issues that contractors need to follow. This will be an opportunity for residents to “ask the contractor” questions about the installation process of retrofitting thermal insulation to traditional properties.

Alex Woodcraft, Ecoalex will be giving a talk on the installation of green roofs to both new build extensions and existing flat roof extensions. Alex can offer a full designs and install service.

Wednesday 1st November, 8pm

Switching Streets to Low Carbon Heat with Nesta

Andy Marsden and colleagues will introduce Nesta and our work and speak to a number of their projects focusing on household decarbonisation.  This includes; their Money Saving Boiler Challenge, which reduces carbon emissions, saves energy and may help you to understand if your home is ready for a heat pump. Work on energy flexibility, looking at how households may flexibly heat their homes to save money and carbon emissions. The strategy room, an immersive experience that combines facilitated deliberation, interactive polling and collective intelligence to identify the climate change policies that will best help local areas to reach net zero emissions. And our work on switching streets to low-carbon heat, looking at how areas such as St Johns may be able to decarbonise in the future.

Wednesday 8th November, 8pm

Every Breath: Toxic Air in SE8 with Breathe London

Dr Anna Moore is a respiratory doctor and medical educator at Barts NHS Trust.  She will talk about the impact of air pollution on health and how traffic contributes to urban air pollution.  

Dan Rahamim is Sustainability officer for Ashmead Primary school PTA – he will talk about the Breathe London air quality monitor which is now installed at Ashmead school, giving the community real-time readings of air quality on Lewisham Way.   Dan will take a look at the weeks’ air quality results and see how they measure up to WHO health targets. 

Dorothy Stein from Climate Action Lewisham will speak about our campaign across St John’s district, the UK’s backsliding on air quality targets, why we need Ella’s Law and the links between air pollution and the climate crisis.

Wednesday 15th November, 8pm

Talking Renewables with SELCE

Yunus Nas, Design Engineer for Elite Renewables Ltd will be making the case for heat pumps.  Elite are currently installing a heat pump in the St John’s neighbourhood. 

Shaun Finch, Sales Director at Poweraid Ltd will be talking about solar panels and battery storage.  Poweraid are also currently engaged with a number of residents in St. John’s to install solar PV systems.