We are very excited that, as part of the Deptford X Festival 2021, four artists are going to be displaying in the St Johns Garden (on the left as you come out of St Johns Station).
‘I decided to give up rushing’ is a two-part installation made in collaboration between Vanessa Walters and Krystle Patel. The works explore a fictional, photographic space created through the merging of imagery from the artists’ personal experiences of living within different environments and cultures. Through a collaborative and experimental means of working in analogue photography, the work positions ‘culture’ as a non-reductive idea and explores how we can build our own personal worlds through the communities we build around ourselves.

Vanessa & Krystle https://deptfordx.org/event/rushing/
They are installing photography along the wall of the garden. And on the 9th there will be a live projection to kick off the event.
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Set The Table explores the connections that three artists – Katie Surridge, Maria Joranko, and Navi Kaur – have with food. Through installations and various performances across the weekend, the project traces how processes of cultivation, preparation, and consumption work to form delicate networks between people and places. Mapping the intersections of food, migration, community, and identity, Set the Table evokes the experience of eating together, providing opportunities to spark complex conversations, whether in consensus or dissensus. Swipe for details about performances and follow @__setthetable__ for more information! 

16/07 – 18/07
St. John’s Garden (SE8 4EA)
16/07, 6pm-8pm – Maria Joranko
17/07, 10am-3pm – Katie Surridge (bring an ingredient!)
Katie Surridge @katiesurridgeart
Maria Joranko @foxy_azucar
Navi Kaur @navi.kaur

Ankita Mukherji @ank1t0
Renee Xinying Zhong @reneezonn
Yurika Imaseki @y_u__ri_ka