Members of The St John’s Society, Friends of Friendly Gardens and other green-fingered members of the community got together for two planting sessions on Friday and Saturday last week.  We would like to thank everyone that gave their time and plants to improve both the St John’s Garden behind St John’s Church and also working on the planter at the entrance to Friendly Gardens on Friendly Street.

The herbs that had been planted in Friendly Gardens were tackled first, so we removed them and they were transplanted into the smaller planters in St John’s Garden.  The herbs are all fragrant and vigorous spreaders so will thrive in their new home and provide a restful environment to those who use the park for a quiet five minutes or even to have their break from work.  Also a very big thank you to Vicky who donated the 5 Laurel shrubs which were put in by the fencing on Cliff Terrace, they are amazing.  In time they will be encouraged to grow sideways to form a complete hedge for that section of the garden.

The larger planter in FG may not look at its best now, because we have taken out the herbs and also tried to get out as much of the vine type weed as possible. There are Lobelia plugs to go in, but if anyone has snail & slug resistant plants that are not big spreaders, then please feel free to add them to the display for everyone to enjoy as they walk through Friendly Street. Don’t forget to water any new plants in during dry spells of weather too.  We’ll share photos of the planter once it’s settled in and in bloom.

We also took a moment to enjoy the No Mow verge on Friendly Street.  Oxeye Daisies, Yellow Rattle Cowslips, Cornflowers and various grass varieties were planted last year at a planting session with Friends of Friendly Gardens and Lewisham Council and are now blooming nicely.  They will spread and propogate the whole area in time.

Thank you again to all who helped and contributed; this really helps the community in little and subtle ways.