This article, in yesterday’s News Shopper, is good news for the residents who responded to the alcohol application license for Aladdin’s Cave on Lewisham Way. Over 40 residents responded, including the Brockley Society and ourselves, the St John’s Society.

The St John’s Society endeavour, through our social media, to bring any planning issues to your attention. We have a dedicated team meeting once a month as the St John’s Society Planning Sub-Committee, to discuss the merits of each application in the greater St John’s area (including the Brookmill Road and St Johns Conservation Areas) and any other local planning issues that may impact us here. We need to all work together, collectively, to retain, conserve and improve our lives in the Borough of Lewisham.

If interested in taking part in any of our ongoing projects, please get in touch with either myself or indeed any of the Committee.

Litsa Breingan (Chair)